Hi! I’m Tehlia. A mom to 4 who are all under the age of 6. At one point I had 4 children under 4 and things were more than crazy. I was full of anxiety, frustration, over weight and felt like I was failing at motherhood and life.

I had a vision of motherhood and homeschooling but I wasn’t able to clear out the fog and see that I was actually doing ok.


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One thing that helped me was to declutter my home. I started by downsizing their toys, then the amount of dishes, clothes and so on. Little by little the clutter was going and my anxiety was lifting.

I was starting to see that I could be a great mother, homeschool and have a home based business without feeling like I was drowning.


My mommy fog lifted, I dropped over 35 pounds and found myself pursuing education to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Fast Forward and here I am excited to share the simple ways that I am using food, exercise, supplements and tossing out my kids toys, to keep my sanity and the weight off.


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You can definitely do all of this in your home and for yourself. I have done a ton of digging and research on simple ways to reach home-body-mind-goals. Which means you don’t have to scour the internet for the same information.

You can start putting your goals into actions instead of endlessly searching down the rabbit hole of social media.

I’m compiling it all in one place for you.


You can start having the home you want, the health/body/mind you crave and do it all with very simple daily life strategies.


Here is where you can find simple ways to help you save time and start working on true self care.

  • Declutter your home quickly.

  • Find short workouts that actually work.

  • Nutrition advice – Simple ways to cut the sugar out of your life.

  • And the vitamins and supplements that have helped me improve my health, my gut, my brain and my mood.

  • Printables for meal planning, fitness, decluttering and fun coloring worksheets for your littles.

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My Health Journey

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You can find the time, to take care of you.

Simply click HERE to get more details.


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