You Can Have It All

All You Need Is A Plan

Take a little bit of decluttering, add it to a handful of printables and mix in fitness with clean eating.

What do you have?

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Here is how you can have a clutter free home, uncover a new healthy lifestyle and homeschool your children with minimal supplies.


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Planners and more importantly PRINTABLE planners have been imperative to helping me stay on track with my home and health. As a printable you don’t need to store a bulky planner, journal or book. Just print what you need when you need it and recycle when you are finished with that day, week or month.

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Planners to help you get started. Planners to help you homeschool. Planners to keep you organized.


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Once your home is clutter free – instead of cleaning, you’ll have time to be active with your kids. Plan healthy meals and take better care of your body.

Our Health and Wellness journey as a family and a busy – creative – entrepreneurial mom, took off once I got our home decluttered.

See how your health and fitness level can improve after decluttering your home. With Meal Planning printables and quick workout routines you can reclaim your health.


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You can get all the details about this free printable HERE.


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Using printables in our homeschooling world has made things very simple. Less supply to manage. Just print what we need when we need it.


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It Takes A Plan

With a plan you can accomplish anything.

With action you can see your goals become reality.

My hardest moments were months after my fourth child was born. It all felt like work to keep my home in order and kept getting harder day after day. Then one moment took hold of me.

I was done.

I grabbed a trash bag and began getting rid of anything that wasn’t working.

Toys, clothes, books, dishes – If it was broken it went away.

For days and weeks after I just kept at it. Soon the days seemed easier – lighter. Soon my house stayed cleaner longer. And finally I could breathe. I didn’t realize the clutter, the things – were a trigger to my postpartum anxiety. To my “baby blues”.

You see I was a mother of 4. Four children under the age of five and I was going over the edge at a steady pace. I was exhausted, overweight and filled with anxiety that trigger anger. I wanted that to end. I wanted to breathe again and feel again and be comfortable again.

It wasn’t going to be easy. I was going to have to put in work. But once I started moving. Once I began planning. The work was easy – the work picked up momentum and my home became more joyful, more relaxed and my health started to improve.

I got rid of the clutter. Stopped cleaning all day. I was able to spend a few minutes a day taking care of my body. Getting a workout in and planning meals. All because I decluttered my home.

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Decluttering left me with more time to actually spend with my children, to take care of me, organize my home properly, and start homeschooling the way that felt natural to us.


Get The Declutter Planner

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Need help getting started?

Here is the planner I created to help me get the ball rolling. With daily prompts and a simple goal setting section I started seeing my home transform. And I was able to keep it going.

The Ultimate Declutter Planner –

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Health and Fitness

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Our journey into minimalism helped us see that we had been missing out on activities in our area and also fun in the kitchen. I was usually too tired by the end of the day to workout. And Dinner – dinner was the farthest thing from my mind after tripping over the same toys and constantly being asked for snacks. Packaged, prepared foods became our go to and our bodies were showing it.

Once my day stopped being taken up by cleaning, I found the time I needed to start working out and I rediscovered my love for cooking healthy foods. Read more here

As our home became a healthier place to be and I was using my printables for daily living I started to create printable planners to help get our week of meals better organized.

Here is the most current Meal Planner I just released. It’s a 5 page printable – 1 recipe page, with 2 meal planning options and 2 shopping list options.

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Do More Today

Do more today than you did yesterday.

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I am on my way. Battling back from Postpartum Anxiety, a cluttered home and all the excuses under the sun. Well that isn’t stopping me anymore. Everyday, every hour presents itself with a chance to choose better.

Are my days perfect? – NO – I have small children. My kitchen still gets trashed and the toys explode everywhere and sometimes the last thing I want to do it workout. But you know what, I still have to clean up the kitchen, toys get put away and my workouts happen. They happen because like the kitchen things don’t get better putting it off.

What would happen if you stopped putting off getting healthy? Stopped waiting to find workouts that work? Started enjoying food instead of stressing about it and started feeling good?

Give it 30 days, 30 minutes a day and follow an easy -no calorie counting- meal plan. You only have weight to lose and muscle to gain.

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before and after 24 pounds gone

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