Building a Blog. Scary S&!%

Hello and Welcome to Tehlia Lauerman, Cultivating Creative Entrepreneurs. Today I am putting my foot out there for the hundredth time but in a new way.

Building a blog website  – web presence, from scratch, can be almost too much to think about. First learning how to start a blog and then deciding whether to make all of your own logo/branding designs, learning code and piecing it all together vs hiring out.

The step after that, getting people to visit your shiny new site, hop over to your perfectly pictured online boutique and seeing that you have your first comment waiting approval or first sale to ship out. With every blog – website – fanpage I help create there is always a moment of nervous excitement. For me this site is no different.

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Thank you so much for stopping by in the fledgling days of this site.

A few things to look forward to:

Social Media & Website Design tips. Graphic and Logo pointers and Creative Bits.



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