Etsy Shop Critique: Revamping

I have an etsy shop Photobucket  I work a full-time job and creating this site, Cultivate Creative Entrepreneurs which will dispense advice, tips and tricks but more importantly a website design business has me in overdrive. Oh and I am taking website design classes. Over worked perhaps, loving every minute absolutely. There is a balance to all of this that I am beginning to understand. Mainly, prioritizing the daily tasks and not sweating the small stuff right now.

100% cotton Crocheted Cowl

The holiday season that is fast approaching has me needing to tweak a few things. I am taking a critical look at my etsy shop. The items listed, my best sellers, new items and this holiday season. I am on the verge of hitting a very small but exciting milestone of 300 sales. But I am wanting to hit an even bigger goal of 400 sales before the holiday season ends. This by no means is a lofty goal. I would like to say I want to hit 100 sales a month every month until the end of the year. However, I work a day job and am taking classes in web design. So I must have some goals with reality sitting firmly on my shoulder.

Fiber Jewelry

Setting goals and re-assessing my shop needs to happen. I know my photos are good, my item descriptions could use work and perhaps a thinning down. The biggest thing to work on, which is what I preach to many who ask what they need in order to get more sales… STOCK YOUR SHOP!!! I have one page of items and that in NO WAY is enough. I want to have all ready-made, ready to ship items without taking on special orders. This can be a challenge because you don’t want to say no to someone asking for an item in a certain color. However, having a large stock of ready-made items might provide me with time to satisfy the requests.

What can you see in my shop that needs to be changed or added?

Critique my shop in the comments below.


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