Freebies & Pointers: design your FanPage

Screen shop of the create a page button

You have a creative  business. You want to get the word out, share pictures, blog posts, new items you create and the latest Sale happening in your shop. You need a Fanpage on Facebook. Click on my fanpage icon Photobucket and look up to the far right corner of the screen. There you will see the words “create a page” Click on it. Choose the category that best describes you and fill in the blanks.

When picking your name, think long and hard. A lot of what facebook offers is great, but can change over time and what might be allowed today in the way of a future name change or URL name can be taken away without notice. So think about it. However if you already have a blog – shop – business cards made, why confuse anyone, just go with what you have created.

Now you have a page! You need a profile picture and a Cover picture. Choose what speaks to you for both. A personal photo of your smiling face is always a great choice for Facebook.

One huge pointer…

HAVE CONSISTENCY in your profile images on social media sites.

#Creativeentrepreneur (ReTweet That)

This will make it easier to find you and give your followers peace of mind that they are in fact following you.

For your Fanpage cover photo. To make the cover photo fit properly, without distorting it or having to drag it, change the size in a photo editing program. Cover Images work best when sized to about 851 x 315 pixels. Make this picture an item you sell or large version of your Logo. And If you do choose to have words on the Cover Image make sure they sit low on the image. Take note of where the cover photo actually starts when you come across other fanpages, you won’t see the entire image on your screen, so place words midway done on the image.

Once you have your fanpage worked out you need a “Button” on you blog that links to it. Like Cultivating Creative Entrepreneurs fanpage Photobucket and subscribe to this blog to see upcoming Freebies & Pointers.


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