Selling What You Create: build your stock

You create beautiful things. You love doing it, working on them, thinking about new ways to make what you make. Fantastic! Keep doing it.

Photo by Tehlia Lauerman

You can’t sell anything online whether it be in your very own ecommerce site or on Etsy, Meylah & any other handmade selling site without stock. Imagine walking through you favorite shopping center. You see two stores, one full of merchandise and then another with a handful of items on a single table surrounded by white space. Which store will you go in? Which store do you think  will reward you for taking the time to browse?

#1 Build up your stock

#2 Take excellent product photos

#3 create thoughtful and fun listing descriptions

Work on you blog(s), fanpage and social media last. Why last? If you don’t have items, edited photos and descriptions you have nothing to talk about online.

Keep creating, make something daily and always edit your photos. (Retweet That)

Connect with me on Photobucket and Photobucket . I will do the social media searching for you so you can get back to building your creative business Stocked Full of amazing items.


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