Tough Love: Honestly, how hard are you working?

“I don’t understand why I am not getting sales”

“I make treasuries, add people to my ‘circle’ but I am not in anyone’s treasury”

“I relist often and I still don’t get views or sales”

Sound familiar? Now step back and take a look at your shop and your efforts as an outsider. Are your efforts measuring up to what is really needed to generate buzz, generate views, generate sales?

Talking with a friend, prompted me to ask other etsy shop owners a few shops stats. On average it takes about 1,000 views to get $100 dollars worth of sales. For some it is less and for others it is more. But on average 1000 views of their shop are needed to sell 100 Dollars worth of merchandise. How’s that for perspective. Are you getting anywhere close to that number of views?

So what are you going to do to get those views?

In order to get 1000 views in your shop you need to Talk and talk a lot. On Social Media, on Blogs, to anyone who will listen or read. But that is not all. You can talk all day about your items but, now bear with me this might be harsh, can anyone look at your photos and think ‘WOW I need to have that in my life’? Etsy and every other handmade site has tutorials on how to get great product shots. Find them, follow the steps and you will have amazing pictures you want to share with everyone.

embroidery and paint. Use white backgrounds to show detail.

Next, What are you saying in your item descriptions? Are you telling a story? Are you including measurements and providing all the info a buyer will need to make a purchase? Or will they need to contact you, thus slowing the buying process down and giving them a chance to find another shop that has all that info at hand. I know for myself, if I have to ask a seller a question I will move on to the next shop. If pictures don’t look bright, clean and clear with a upclose detail shot, I will move on.

Get those views, get those sales, by getting to work…

1 !!! Find photography tutorials and work on editing those pictures. *photography pointers here

2. Talk about what you create to everyone you come in contact with (in person or via the internet)

3. Add tags, titles, and accurate details to your item listings. Make it fun interesting and informative.

Have you had success selling on Etsy or ___?

Share some tips with us.


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