Fear and Dreaming Big?

an original print by Tehlia

I have a tendency to hold back once I have created something. Even when I know something will be great I hold back. Perhaps I do it out of fear. A fear of failing. Or perhaps I know it will take work. Hard work and continuous work before my efforts start to reward me in a way I can touch and see.

Stay excited. Pin all you want to a board.

So, last night I created an inspiration board or as my husband likes to call it “You are Awesome” board. I want to stay focused on what I am hoping to create, I want to push passed the fear of failing. Fear is a good thing, if you didn’t have fear or nervousness then perhaps you don’t want it bad enough. Fear can also keep you balanced and moving, striving to be better than yesterday. I am going to take this fear of failing, fear of having to work really hard and make sure that I stay one or twenty steps ahead of it. I will keep dreaming and adding to my board.

What motivates you to keep going?

When has fear worked in your favor, pushing you beyond what you thought was possible?


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