You Caught Me. Check Out The Not So Fancy Camera I Use Daily

It isn’t fancy but I love it. Forgive me this photo is not the best (take with my phone)

With all this talk about photography I thought I would share with you my camera that I use for 90% of all my images on this site and used 100% for all my product photography.

Yep you caught me. My camera is not huge, it is not high tech and it surely isn’t anything you would catch a bona fide photographer toting around. But you will find this chic proudly saying… I am Tehlia and This is My Camera. It isn’t fancy it doesn’t let others know that I am about to take a picture, but it does the job and does it well.

Screen shot of my shop. All items with photographed with that camera

Do not let your equipment be the excuse for not taking great pictures. You are completely capable of beautiful photography. Take your time, make sure you have good natural lighting and breathe. **go here for more pic tips

What do you use in your business that surprises you with how great it works? even when it shouldn’t


3 thoughts on “You Caught Me. Check Out The Not So Fancy Camera I Use Daily

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