How To Get Into More Treasuries On Etsy

Building treasuries on Etsy is really the best way to get your self into others treasuries. But simply building the treasury isn’t were the job ends. You should also send a message with a link of the treasury to every person included. This isn’t something you have to do, most shops will notice that an item has been included in a treasury if they go to their “activity” feed section when they are logged in. But you want to give everyone a chance to come over to the treasury, click, favorite and comment on the collection.

Great collection by Bocko Check out the entire treasury HERE

The nice part about creating a treasury, you find some wonderful shops, amazing items, get to create something beautiful and then the pay off of others including you the next go around. Now this isn’t guaranteed, why not? You must have great things in your shop to look at. One way to see if your photos are up to par with others… create a treasury and add one of your items. Does your picture look like all the others that you are attracted too? If not, start tweaking your product images, crop, edit and repost your items. Then take that treasury you started and put something amazing in the place of your item.

Show off your recent treasuries on the fanpage or the comments below.


3 thoughts on “How To Get Into More Treasuries On Etsy

  1. Treasuries are a great way to showcase our work and your tips on product photography go to the point. I hope it inspires more people to explore their cameras and keep on improving their image 🙂

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