Take a fragmented creative living & merge it into one kickass business

Do you have, at minimum, 5 different ideas for the next thing you could make, create, start or build? Do you start each one with zeal and crank something out only to feel it doesn’t fit in with your last creation? Prompting you to start a brand new home for it on another site, blog or handmade shop?

Are you creating but feel fragmented?

I absolutely do that. I have always done it. I love the start of anything, love it so much I start new things everyday. Sometimes it has to do with Laundry and let me tell you that is not the way I like to start my day.

But, for a few years I have probably started over 100 new and different projects, completed half and created a shop or blog for the 5 best ideas. I was fragmented all over the place. I loved creating the new sites, shops, items and sharing them all. I loved being able to switch up designs, styles and images depending on how I felt.

Start organizing your ideas and see how they fit together.

The problem with that? Not one project was getting the time and attention it deserved. They were each only getting a small piece of me and I wasn’t getting everything I could out of them individually. So why not sort things out and start fitting them together as one happy family.

  • I began looking at what I did everyday that made me happy, that if I didn’t do it daily I felt off.
  • Then I looked at each individual creation, blog, website and shop and found the common ties.
  • Once I worked all of that out I could narrow down my fragmented self to a few very similar but still unique qualities and creations. Giving myself and my craft clarity as well as the power to keep being me but a more Merged Cohesive  ME.

Somethings might need to be shelved until you can see how they fit, but others, the ones you think about and immediately start to make you smile, those are the ones that might fit together.

What talents can you Merge into One KICKASS Creative Business?

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