Color Trend: On the Scale of Gray to Gray

Inspired by the gray skies here in Seattle today. Hope you enjoy the selection and if you want to see each shop up close visit it HERE!

I can’t say it enough, your images speak more than your words when it comes to getting into treasuries. I picked every item based off of the look of the image and how they all looked together. None of them are “friends” of mine. I just admired their look. You can get the look by following very simple steps in this GUIDE and you don’t need a fancy camera.

If you were featured we would love to hear a few of your photography tips?


8 thoughts on “Color Trend: On the Scale of Gray to Gray

  1. I shoot everything outside to make the most of natural daylight – but not in direct sun. A light box is a great investment (you can also make your own) if you shoot smaller objects. If you’re photographing larger objects like my pillows, you can get create the same effect with white poster board.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your post. Love the editional info on still needing to use a photo editor and also not using a tripod {I don’t use one either} Thanks again.

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