The Color Red, Rockabilly and Great Photography

I would love to take credit for this treasury but ALL the credit goes to Michele from Liperla Handmade Glass Jewelry  Her treasury doesn’t need much explanation. It is vibrant and fun. What caught my eye, you might be shocked, the photography of the items and also the color.

The hand holding the travel case. Movement in the dress are great.

Check out the dice and those roller skates.. I show you these images not so you copy them, but for you to study the light, practice capturing movement and seeing different ways to make your items pop. Again it doesn’t take much, some practice and it absolutely does NOT mean you need a fancy camera. {spy on mine}

Check out the full treasury here

Were you featured here?

We would love to hear some tips on how you took these shots.


4 thoughts on “The Color Red, Rockabilly and Great Photography

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my travel case on your blog! Hmmmm, I guess the best advice I can give is to always use natural lighting (no camera flash!), try to use a neutral background (it doesn’t always have to be white, but I would suggest avoiding black backgrounds), and be creative with your subject. Try different things and think outside the box! Etsy is a GREAT place to find clever photography and to find inspirations.

  2. Thanks for featuring my dominoes – I agree, this is such a fun collection! I’ll definitely second Emily’s advice regarding natural lighting and a light, neutral background – those two little tips will take you far! And as you mentioned, Tehlia, Etsy is a great place to get inspired! Sometimes just looking through a shop you admire and taking the time to note what you like about their photographs will give you some new ideas to try yourself!

    • Thanks so much Nikki. You and Emily have it right, Natural light is a must. It has been said over and over again by many but it really is the best and yet a few shops haven’t gotten the memo… yet.

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