You Don’t Have To Get It right The First Time

I usually put a lot of pressure on myself to get something out of my head, on to paper and turned into a touchable product immediately. I will work for endless hours until it feels right and then work on it some more, because ultimately it could always be better. On rare occasions it becomes something close to perfection, but that is rare and I usually feel like I need to compromise on my name or trash it and start a new project.

So many things can be created. But will they be created perfectly?

Going along with my lesson on Patience I am trying to also get a handle on the need to be perfect the first time. I have to remind myself that there are lessons to be learned and sometimes there are perfect moments in the imperfection that I create. Some of the most cherished items are works of art that are not complete.

You know the painting of George Washington, United States First President?  That painting is in fact an unfinished piece. And we wouldn’t think of changing it.

While I work on patience with my business and building upon it, I will also start thinking of my projects, the material I use, as already perfect.  Anything I do, in addition to what it is in its raw state, is a bonus.

How do you control your need to be perfect?


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