Hi there, you have entered the world of Tehlia Lauerman, where Cultivating Creative Entrepreneurs is a frequent endeavor. I have created many spaces for myself online and in doing so I have finally found the 5 things I am passionate about. And Five might be a few to little. If you are smiling you know very well what I mean… Us Creatives have an addiction to creating. With that said, WELCOME again and keep reading ~ ~ ~

When I first started out selling on etsy, I knew nothing but the basics. Create pretty things – take pictures – write up a description and pay a listing fee. Knowing the basics got me online and my shop running but a ton of things fell short. I made a lot of mistakes fast, learned from them quickly and carried on.

Soon I was the one getting approached by friends and acquaintances on how to start an etsy shop, design a shop banner and the best way to get a blog going.

I have gathered a lot of useful and random bits of knowledge when it comes to the best way to start a shop and generate a traffic. My way of learning is through reading, great visuals and action. That is also my way of teaching.

When I am not in my studio crocheting, embroidering, painting or creating block prints, I am on twitter and my facebook fanpage making announcements and being a social media maven. Then before the evening ends I am creating logos – banners – blogs – Ecourses ~ digital guides ~ websites & fanpage profile/cover images for other creatives.

I love to create whether it is for myself, to sell in my handmade online shop or to help others cultivate their creative dreams. Follow along to get tips on selling what you make, social media pointers and website/blog tutorials along with random adventures around the house. From chickens in my yard, to dogs sleeping on my lap and definitely an “I hate laundry” rant. Nonetheless it should be a fun, informative and at times harshly honest place to hang out. Be sure to subscribe, follow *look to the sidebar*, comment, ask questions and share your successes.

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