About Tehlia (that’s me)


I’m Tehlia, mom to 4 children under the age of 5 years old and wife of over 17 years to an army veteran.

After my fourth child was born I knew my home needed a change. I was exhausted, felt overwhelmed and was not enjoying motherhood as I had hoped I would. Sleep deprivation and bad eating habits weren’t helping the issue either.


I began by getting my home in order. Meaning I got rid of the toys, the clutter and minimized the things we owned.

Once I cleared out the clutter and stopped having to constantly clean up, I found that I had time. Time to play and teach my children. Time to spend with my husband. Time to cook great food. Time to workout. And time to follow a few dreams that I had put to the side.

With a few changes and being honest with yourself I can show you how you can find the time you are missing and take charge of the life you’ve been craving.

Just Me:



I am a creative and someone who loves to encourage and teach others. As a child I was usually pretending to be a teacher, as a teen I was dreaming of being an author and entrepreneur.

After getting married and traveling with my husband who was in the army, we settled into life. I was working as a Dental Assistant and managed to find a way to be a teacher in that field as well.

Soon my creative hobbies took over and I started selling what I made on etsy when it was still just a handmade only – site. That also led to me teaching others how to build their blogs and take better images of their products.

Fast forward to my 12th year of marriage, I became pregnant for the first time ever at the age of 35. Up until this point my husband and I had concluded that we weren’t going to have children. By the time I was 39 we had a total of 4 kids and things were busy, crazy, loud and fun. Our home was filled with love and I was still teaching, but this time it was my children who were my students.

Now into my 5th year as a Stay at Home Mom, a Homeschooling Mom, an Entrepreneur and published Author – I have hit all my childhood goals and can’t wait to build on it. I never thought that becoming a mother would lead to filling my career dreams.

One of the dreams:

I began doodling pictures for my children at their request. Started with flowers, shapes and random objects they would blurt out and then one day they asked for a chicken.

At the time we were pasture raised chicken egg farmers and the kids loved all of our 3,000 chickens. So naturally they started asking me to draw them. And draw and draw and draw. The chickens became quite popular in our home, turned into a flock of chickens, they got silly and started going on adventures.

The more I drew them the better they became, and the more comfortable I got with them. I started using them to teach my children shapes, colors, numbers, and so on. Until I found myself dreaming up a book.

Then I kept drawing and creating learning pages for my children and accessories with my art printed on them.

Click the Images to read more about the children’s book, printable learning pages and illustrations.

Decluttering my home has led to reclaiming my health:

The health and wellness side of minimalism is simple. With less things to get in your way you can put yourself first. For some they do the reverse, start taking care of self then the house starts to fall in order. Myself, I need order around me to clear out the clutter stopping me from seeing anything else.

Once the clutter was gone, and I was able to stop having my day consumed my anxiety and cleaning I found the time I was lacking to get my body feeling good again. I’m choosing to do a program, beachbody, for multiple reasons. the biggest is the workouts are on video so I am able to do them in my home while kids color at the table, others nap and another practices handwriting. The minimalist portion of choosing an online program – no dvds to store. There is obviously more and I talk about that HERE if you would like to follow along.

However, minimizing our belongs, the clutter, the messes, gave me the time and energy I needed to start looking at our health and got our bodies moving.

new lifestyle get healthy 39-424

These tiny people, my husband and my health are the driving force that helps me stay on track with a minimalist lifestyle.