Starting Our Journey Towards Health and Wellness

The past 3 yrs we lived in North Central Washington on a farm. We were pasture raised egg farmers and loving the quiet farm life. The kids could run without worry of cars or restrictions on what they did outside. If it could be dug, moved, rolled or played with – the kids had free reign.

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me with 4 of my babies (one still cooking)

The parents (that’s us) also had things to do. Farm life with living animals doesn’t leave much room for anything else. And we were living in a tiny farm house with all our things from our previous neighborhood life. It was crowded, messy and felt like work just to be inside.

Once I scaled things down A LOT I was able to start being outside more with the kids instead of constantly cleaning up. The less I had to clean up the more I could do that was fun and the more I wanted to do that involved my kids in a healthy lifestyle.

That realization happened right as we were presented with an opportunity to move. We sold the farm, packed up our home and moved to a completely new state and lifestyle. No more farm life or 1000’s of acres of quiet. We miss it but are embracing this new life.

This change, huge change, also led me to the need for a complete health and wellness overhaul. I hadn’t been working out, or eating well. I was eating the random things I would make for the kids. My working out consisted of housework. I know that doesn’t count.

So in a new home, new city, new lifestyle – new habits needed to be formed. I needed to make sure the new home was easy to clean, that toys had a place and clothes were easy to care for. Because we had been downsizing our belongings months before moving this part was easy. And just a few days after moving in our home was done and we were ready to start living a healthier lifestyle.

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My goal is to show my kids how to be healthy but have it be a part of our daily life. That it’s just how we live. My other goal – I’m turning 40 and would love to look and feel amazing, simple shifts in my day will get me there.

I would love to share my journey with you. I’m aiming to lose 40 pounds, a bunch of inches and increase my strength. With 30 minute workouts and healthy eating I can do it. Follow along HERE for more blog posts and be sure to sign up to receive more information, printable freebies and much more. My journey is just beginning, yours can be too.

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