Forging a Cohesive Brand. Looks Like I Have Homework

Something is in the air. Almost every blog that I usually frequent is talking about branding, YOUR branding and taking a look at how others see you. So here goes.

I started with my blog. The banner, my signature, the logo and images. Using the logo on a few side bar images and in a few posts. Also making sure all the pictures that accompany posts look similar in esthetic and have my touch {with my secret weapon}.

Next up… the Fanpage. Having the profile picture match my blog profile picture is huge to me. It isn’t life or death, but I have to say I am much faster at clicking the follow button or like button if I can immediately recognize the person or product I am looking for. Notice what you appreciate from other bloggers when it comes to recognizing them and try to utilize it.

I love how The Hungry Goddess has her profile images matching, from twitter, to her fanpage and Blog. I know I can trust it and that she is THE Hungry Goddess I am looking for.

Fanpage Screen Shot

Twitter Screen Shot

Now my homework. My Twitter profile has a similar image to the fanpage and my wordpress profile, but the background image could speak more of the site. So tonight I will be working on that.

My other dilemma is my etsy shop. I have been branding it a certain way for over two years, have business cards printed and all that jazz. To change it might be detrimental to further sales from repeat buyers or referrals by business card exchange. That is something I will have to sit on for a minute. So, I will do some work making sure I look like one person and not many personalities.

Share with us some of your tricks and tips: How do you keep your Social Media profiles and Website looking like they belong to the same family? or What changes will you be making?

**Image credit for the feature image: The Hungry Goddess

Pinable Pinterest Poster. Reason #1 to Support Handmade

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As a community we do great things. We share each others work and give one another encouragement. I felt like give a little back and started making Reason #… Posters. Hope you enjoy and share the sentiment.

How To Get Organized By Making A Mess

Today I gathered all of my Journals, Planners and Notebooks. I have great things in each one of them. But when I reach to look up one of those Ideas I can’t remember which book it was written in. Then I spend minutes, if not an hour or more, looking through all the books only to get distracted and move onto something new.

Getting organized starts with making a mess

I have a funny way of getting organized. I first make a mess. It might sound a bit backwards but that is how I work. I pull everything out and start going through each item. Some I keep, others get recycled. My reason for making a mess is a lot like the way I pack up my house for our many military moves. After a few days of packing, things tend to not look any better than they did when you start, so you begin to really purge. Getting rid of that maybe pile and breaking down the must haves to really truly MUST HAVES.

  • Create a mess
  • Keep the truly good stuff
  • Let the other things get recycled, literally and figuratively

Ideas are only great if you can find them and share them. {retweet that}

When you organize how do you go about it?

Creating scarves for my shop. Leave A Link For Your Creations

Have you been creating something everyday to put in your shop?

100% cotton Olive Green Infinity Scarf

Trying to keep my stock up and add ready-made & ready to ship items are on the top of my list. Some days I get an entire item completed, other days the dishes and laundry need to be tackled and I at the very least get an item started.

Would love to see the newest items in your shop.

Leave a link in the comments below for us to check out.

Fear and Dreaming Big?

an original print by Tehlia

I have a tendency to hold back once I have created something. Even when I know something will be great I hold back. Perhaps I do it out of fear. A fear of failing. Or perhaps I know it will take work. Hard work and continuous work before my efforts start to reward me in a way I can touch and see.

Stay excited. Pin all you want to a board.

So, last night I created an inspiration board or as my husband likes to call it “You are Awesome” board. I want to stay focused on what I am hoping to create, I want to push passed the fear of failing. Fear is a good thing, if you didn’t have fear or nervousness then perhaps you don’t want it bad enough. Fear can also keep you balanced and moving, striving to be better than yesterday. I am going to take this fear of failing, fear of having to work really hard and make sure that I stay one or twenty steps ahead of it. I will keep dreaming and adding to my board.

What motivates you to keep going?

When has fear worked in your favor, pushing you beyond what you thought was possible?

Etsy Shop Critique: Revamping

I have an etsy shop Photobucket  I work a full-time job and creating this site, Cultivate Creative Entrepreneurs which will dispense advice, tips and tricks but more importantly a website design business has me in overdrive. Oh and I am taking website design classes. Over worked perhaps, loving every minute absolutely. There is a balance to all of this that I am beginning to understand. Mainly, prioritizing the daily tasks and not sweating the small stuff right now.

100% cotton Crocheted Cowl

The holiday season that is fast approaching has me needing to tweak a few things. I am taking a critical look at my etsy shop. The items listed, my best sellers, new items and this holiday season. I am on the verge of hitting a very small but exciting milestone of 300 sales. But I am wanting to hit an even bigger goal of 400 sales before the holiday season ends. This by no means is a lofty goal. I would like to say I want to hit 100 sales a month every month until the end of the year. However, I work a day job and am taking classes in web design. So I must have some goals with reality sitting firmly on my shoulder.

Fiber Jewelry

Setting goals and re-assessing my shop needs to happen. I know my photos are good, my item descriptions could use work and perhaps a thinning down. The biggest thing to work on, which is what I preach to many who ask what they need in order to get more sales… STOCK YOUR SHOP!!! I have one page of items and that in NO WAY is enough. I want to have all ready-made, ready to ship items without taking on special orders. This can be a challenge because you don’t want to say no to someone asking for an item in a certain color. However, having a large stock of ready-made items might provide me with time to satisfy the requests.

What can you see in my shop that needs to be changed or added?

Critique my shop in the comments below.