One way I gained my sanity –

I got rid of half my children’s toys. AND started using printable planners.

A plan is only good if you can put it into action. From clearing the clutter from your home, organizing your homeschool life, to getting healthy. You can’t do much without a plan and you can’t see the plan working unless you take action.

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First Step – pick up the printables – planners for home and school, meal planners and more.

Final Step – Start taking action.


I have practical – daily life doable – planner that can help you declutter your home and get back to enjoying your life in it, instead of constantly cleaning it.

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The Declutter Planner is how I stay on top of my home. Having daily tasks to help me without overwhelming me.

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FIXED bare a decluttering plannerbuy now

And Homeschool Printable Worksheets. That I print when I need them. Having kids that are at different levels and ages means I will be printing these for years to come.

alphabet garden printable coloring page

Here is the most current Meal Planner I just released. It’s a 5 page printable – 1 recipe page, with 2 meal planning options and 2 shopping list options.

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All the planners listed and more are HERE



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Go HERE to see all the printable options I have available.

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