A Lesson I Learned While Crafting A Creative Business

Most creative folks have a common dilemma. Tons of ideas, a need to get them out of their heads quickly and then hurry to the next project, next thrill.

tulip I did not plant next to my front porch stairs. Thanks previous owner.

I am absolutely guilty of being so excited about an idea that I drop what I am currently working on and start in on the new fun pretty things around the corner. Telling myself I will get back to the older project. I have done this many times with small projects, big plans and items in my shop.

Started working on the new and adding them to my shop or even creating a new shop, only to move on to the next project before finding out if what I last created is a keeper.

You can’t rush through life, business or blooming

Perhaps if I waited, took a breath between projects I would have found out a lot more. Learned something from my success or my failure. Instead I let it jump from my lap to flop on the ground and not build upon it. To think of what could have been with some of those projects is forehead slapping worthy and a lesson in itself. If you don’t want to slap your forehead in the future slow down and finish what you start.

The Lesson Learned: Patience. Learning to have patience with myself and my business is constant work. For so long, I have moved so fast onto the next thing without giving it time to simmer and slowly come to a rolling boil, such a hard habit to break.

Amazing what happens when you give it time.

4 Ways that I am incorporating patience into my business that you can try.

  1. Work on one project at a time
  2. Commit to finishing it before moving onto the next
  3. Don’t publish – post or add an item to your shop or blog unless it fits the current mission, theme, style, esthetic
  4. When an idea strikes – jot it down – it will be safely waiting on paper, while you complete your current project.

How can you or have you, incorporated patience into you business?

Tell us about it in the comments below.