How To Get Organized By Making A Mess

Today I gathered all of my Journals, Planners and Notebooks. I have great things in each one of them. But when I reach to look up one of those Ideas I can’t remember which book it was written in. Then I spend minutes, if not an hour or more, looking through all the books only to get distracted and move onto something new.

Getting organized starts with making a mess

I have a funny way of getting organized. I first make a mess. It might sound a bit backwards but that is how I work. I pull everything out and start going through each item. Some I keep, others get recycled. My reason for making a mess is a lot like the way I pack up my house for our many military moves. After a few days of packing, things tend to not look any better than they did when you start, so you begin to really purge. Getting rid of that maybe pile and breaking down the must haves to really truly MUST HAVES.

  • Create a mess
  • Keep the truly good stuff
  • Let the other things get recycled, literally and figuratively

Ideas are only great if you can find them and share them. {retweet that}

When you organize how do you go about it?