The Amazing Magazine Rack of Craft. We had a hand in that.

Recently I walked into a book store after a 6 month absence. Going to a book store as a child and adult has always been better than going to a candy store to me. The options, images and books, more precisely the paper the books were printed on, were intoxicating. Then suddenly Magazines started taking over.

Magazines at The Book Store

And let me tell you, I am drawn to that section immediately. The Colors and images alone are enough to make a raccoon change direction, not to mention a freak for anything crafty. Plus the benches are so conveniently lined up there.

As I scanned the racks – and racks – and more racks, I was taken back by the amount of craft – hobby and DIY magazines available.

I grabbed about 5 that caught my eye {some of which were printed all by the same company} and took a short walk. Coffee in hand, moleskine journals too, found a corner and took a quick glance at the treasures on my lap.

found a quiet corner

As I looked through the glossy pages, recycled paper covers and at beautiful images, I couldn’t help but think we are the inspiration for this abundance. WE the creative, crafting community. The Army of handmade Sellers and Buyers.

Craft, Creative, DIY & Hobby magazines exist because WE exist. {retweet that}

The more I let those words sink in the more I am inspired to help take over even more space on those shelves.

The more of Us that exist, the more of us that Cultivate Creative Businesses and the more that become the best at our crafts… will bring about more options and ideas on the shelves over the next months, years and decades in our chosen artistic arenas.

The abundance was overwhelming and inspiring

Perhaps some of those options, ideas and new shiny magazines will be created by you.

What magazines have your attention right now?