How To Dump The Blues and Get Back To Creating Success

Am I failing? Things have slowed down in my online shop. Ideas are flowing but my focus is gone. I feel all over the place and I don’t know how to get back on track.

Any of that sound like you this week?

A dandelion out my window. Prompted a visit to my yard. Closing my computer.

I am a creator with a ton going on in my head. All day everyday. Sometimes those thoughts get the best of me, they slow me down, make me feel paralyzed. Other times I am on it ready to create and conquer every task that hits my desk. I wish I could give you the scientifically tested formula for battling the “am I failing” blues. All I have to offer is what seems to work for me.

Making a list of things you have accomplished over the past few weeks can help boost your morale. {retweet it}

This coming week I am going to focus in on three things. Writing more Content (that’s a constant) Listing more items in my Shop and allowing myself time to breathe. You can eat – sleep – drink your business, take great pictures and write amazing content but if you don’t take time to breathe, amongst other things, you aren’t living and if you aren’t living just a little then your business will suffer. Take a breather, look out the window, sit in the sun, take a class. No matter what it is make it something unrelated to your computer or work. In the process of stepping out of your business bubble you may meet or see something that breaks that blue feeling.  Stepping out of my bubble I found a patch of dandelions that needed my cameras attention.

Tell us in the comments how you break your “Am I failing” blues and get back to creating?