How To Edit Your Etsy Listings To Sell More

Have you been revamping your shop? Working on editing pictures and getting great item descriptions to pull it all together? Good! GREAT! One more thing… Making sure your shop looks amazing on Etsy, next to other shops in treasuries or during searches, can be as simple as the click of a button. Have you seen this new little addition to Etsy’s editing section in your shop?

edit your etsy shop listing thumbnail

adjust your thumbnail photo

As you are about to publish your listing, in the preview, this nice side note appears. Guess what happens if you click on the button perfectly titled “adjust photo”? Yep you guessed it, you can move your already awesome picture to make sure others see exactly how great it truly is even before they read your description. Cause truly, what do you notice first, the title or the picture? So, start clicking on that adjust photo button and get to cropping your shop into the Treasury Happening maybe even Front Page glory you deserve.

Crop and adjust your listing photos & thumbnails to ensure you get seen.