My Backyard Hens Are On Hiatus. Does cold weather make you want to hibernate?

I live in the Pacific Northwest. More specifically a City South of Seattle and when summer ends Autumn quickly turns our crisp blue August days into gray early September nights. This means my backyard chickens also change. They start to molt, I won’t embarrass them by posting a picture, and egg laying slows down if not stops altogether.

Photo by Tehlia: a bantam egg

I can’t help but think about how abrupt this change was, 4-5 eggs a day from 5 hens, down to a big fat ZERO eggs a day and how the weather could affect me too. What if writers block or crafters block hit this month and didn’t return until late spring. I know BLASPHEMY!!! What if getting heat lamps and special lighting doesn’t help burn off the Gray Skies blues and nothing returns, not eggs or writing. But then I look at those hens, still happy, excited to see me and ready to eat anything veg shaped or crawling and it makes me smile. They carry on. Go about their day still being feathered friends clucking and talking, the eggs will return. No matter what the weather dictates or if writers/crafters block does hit I will still remain me, happy to see a new day.

Tell Us} How do you prevent the gray sky funk?