Forging A Cohesive Brand part II: My Homework

Earlier I spoke of having a cohesive look with all of your social media profiles and your blog. Making it easier for people, your audience and random yet completely awesome strangers to find you and recognize, without hesitation, that you are YOU. I left that post needing to do a little more homework myself.

Screen shot of old twitter profile & background

And here it is my brand new Twitter background! I kept it around 600x600px and mostly white edges so I wouldn’t need to tile it. Also wanted to allow room so if you had your view on your screen reset to its default setting or zoomed in you could still see and read most of the wording on the image. I suppose I could have left this wordless but, if you know me, words just happen. Any who, looks like a tutorial is getting written next on changing your twitter background.

Screen shot of NEW twitter profile & background

Show off your backgrounds.

Leave a link in the comments below.