Taking Action and Walking The Walk

I haven’t been to a real, brick and mortar book store in over 6 months. One huge difference I noticed immediately… my favorite section {Crafts & Hobbies} shocking I know, had moved. It felt like a scavenger hunt to find it and then gave me hope that there would be something new to read.

Reading the Books You Are reading * Great source for quotes & references * Always learn something new.

I found a few new books, Magazines of course and was reminded of something.  I love to discover things, new ways of thinking or working and in doing so I like to share it. The hard part about sharing, sometimes I forget to participate. One thing I need to make sure I do is Walk the Walk of all the Talking I am doing with you. I can tell you all day long to fill your shop with items, take great images, get on twitter, facebook and pinterest. Share – Like – Comment and be merry. I can yell those things from my roof top but what good does it do if you don’t see me taking those actions as well.  As I read through these books and share what I learn from them,  I promise to you, that I will also Do as I say AND say as I do.

Lets Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk together.

Share how you took Action today…